Getting Your Freight


Whatever the specifics of your shipment, our mission is to provide the support and customer service you need to ensure your freight logistics are taken care of and your cargo arrives on time and on budget.

Over Size / Over Weight (OS/OW)

Over-dimensional over size over weight freight (OS/OW) exceeds standard size restrictions and requires jurisdictional permits, obstructive impediments such as power lines and bridges, and unique trailers. Tortorigi Transport specializes in overweight, oversized shipments of plant equipment, heavy machinery, and outsized material. The Tortorigi team can produce an accurate route survey and provide accompanying pilot and pole cars. This includes options like removable gooseneck or double drop.

What We Offer

Truckload Freight (Full/LTL)

Shipments that exceed 15,432 LB are considered to be a full truckload (TL). Less than full truckload (LTL) freight can be ideally combined with others’ cargo to minimize your shipping expense, while maintaining load efficiency. Tortorigi Transport truckload freight logistics combine your shipment’s size, packaging and destination with transport that best serves your requirements. Includes flatbed, stepdeck, and hotshot. LTL options include expedited, sprinter van, box truck or partial.

Hot Shot

Hot shot trucking involves picking up and delivering time-sensitive less-than-truckload (LTL) loads to easily accessible locations. Hot shot loads are generally small enough to fit on a box truck, a pickup truck, or a trailer.


We offer transportation FTL (Full Truckload) or LTL (Less-Than Truckload) on a network of box trucks, sprinter vans, and standard 48/53′ box trucks. We also have an extensive network of trailers which can be utilized for drop-style shipping and unloading. A dry van is perfect for moving non-perishable foods, beverages, textiles, building products, machinery, and recyclables—as well as any product that doesn’t have a temperature constraint that needs to be protected from the elements.

Every dry van in our network has the ability to be tracked via GPS so we always know where our freight is. On a dry van, your freight is closed, sealed, and locked for security. Due to their versatility, dry vans are a cost-effective transportation mode.

Refrigerated Vans

Commonly referred to as a “reefer,” a refrigerated van is a 53′ dry van that is insulated and temperature controlled, with the ability to scale as low as -18 degrees. Similarly, to dry vans, we offer a wide range of services—from FTL to LTL, as well as smaller refrigerated sprinter vans. The 3 common types of temperature-controlled freight are frozen (typically -10-0 degrees), standard refrigerated (30-38 degrees), and maintained heated (specialized units that can scale as high as 120 degrees). Most reefer trailers contain temperature gauges that can be used for 24/7 reporting, ensuring your product always is in acceptable temperature range.

Refrigerated units tend to price higher than their dry counterpart, however, due to their versatility, they are easier to schedule and book—meaning faster turn time from booking to receiving.


We’re ready to assure your shipment is expedited with cost-effective efficiency and cargo integrity.